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Smearing study

Feynman diagram generator

Neutron Decay | Penguin | QED Vertex

Delaunay simplications of n-space

Stylish black triangulation (2.1MB) of 2-space or less pretty same (1.1MB)

Impression of 2-space with periodic boundary conditions as a torus (361KB) view 2 (397KB)

Modern 2d (815KB) triangulation with PBCs

Comparision of a quasi-regular (15KB) to a quasi-random (17KB) to a random (18KB) triangulation

Old tetrahedronization (1.2MB) of 3-space

New tetrahedronization (360KB) solid version (160KB)

Final state of a bigger tetrahedronization (103KB)

Tetrahedronization with PBCs (245KB) solid version (361KB) final state (38KB)

Final state (110KB) of a big tet with PBCs

Example of a dual polyhedron (130K) in 3-space

Random lattice pure gauge results

Average plaquette (4KB) for 2-space with PBCs

Average plaquette (8KB) for 3-space with PBCs

Comparison of weak-coupling (8KB) limit in 4d between random and regular lattices

Comparison of average plaquette (6KB) on 6^4 random and regular lattices

Random lattice quenched QCD results

Pion propagator (4KB) for am_q ~= 0.08 on 8^4

Analytic solution (4KB) for a pion with hypercubic sources

Pion mass (4KB) versus plaquette for m_q = 0.5 on 6^4

Free-field eigenspectrum on 4^4 (anim) and 5^4 (anim)

Distribution of link weights on 5^4 and 7^4

Dirac operator squared (10KB) on plane waves in 10^4

Pion search on 5^4 from beta = 3.0 to 6.0 (GIF | EPS)