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Neurobiology of Development and Disease at the SHP

Welcome to Neurobiology of Development and Disease at the SHP!

This class is now taught by my colleague, Neela Zareen, but I will leave up this page for future reference for past student.

Throughout this class, you will learn how the nervous system is grown, built, and maintained, as well as the how some of these same processes can occur incorrectly in a variety of human neurological disorders. Following a review of neurobiology, we will start at the inception of neural development, at the stem cell stage, and proceed through many of the processes that construct the most sophisticated computer processing system on the planet; that which lies in your skull (and all throughout your body). Development and disease are intimitely associated, their mechanisms often depending on the same underlying processes and pathways, and we will discuss some examples of how the two disciplines learn from one another.

Each of these classes could be an entire course in itself, so it can be thought of as more of a survey class - a tour of the world of developmental neurobiology and neuropathology. It will be taught at the level of an introductory college course, but with few assumptions about your background in the subject. My hope is that you will walk away from this experience with a firm understanding of basic biological methods/principles and a solid grasp of the concepts of neurobiology in addition to general biological science.