Physics Lab Courses

Spring 2017


Lab Library (506 Pupin) Schedule: Monday-Thursday 12-7, Friday Closed (Lab setup schedule)
Help Room (413 Pupin) Schedule: Monday-Thursday 1-7, Friday 1-3

Note: The lab room changes each week.
Please see the bulletin board on the 5th floor of Pupin on the post near the elevators to find your room each week.


Tutorial for Error Analysis |Physics Department Webpage
General Lab Information | Sample Lab Report

Schedules: 1291/1292 Lab Schedules | 1494 Lab Schedule

Lab Manuals: 1291 Lab Manual | 1292 Lab Manual | 1494 Lab Manual

Yuk Ting (Albert) Law & Nate Saffold
Physics Preceptors
729 Pupin Hall
Columbia University