Abhay Pasupathy Narayan


I am an Associate Professor in the Columbia University Physics department.

Mailing address:
Abhay Pasupathy
Columbia University Physics Department
538 W. 120 Street Pupin Hall 704
New York NY 10027

My office is 1305 Pupin Hall - take the elevator to the 13th floor of Pupin Hall and ring the bell to the door marked "Condensed Matter Physics"

Office phone: (212) 854-6335

Email: apn2108 - at - columbia - edu

My CV (last updated Feb 2015)

A list of publications (last updated Dec 2016). See Google Scholar page for an updated list.

A list of members of my research group (last updated Feb 2016).

My research is in the area of condensed matter experiments.

Random update 1/2015:

Song I listen to a lot these days

In the same vein, a video that reminds me of our facilities department.

Link to a beautiful manual that shows you how to assemble an STM (ref:Tetsuo Hanaguri, in Japanese).

Couple of musicians I like listening to currently 1, 2.

My claim to fame: a past occupant of my office and lab performed (in my opinion) one of the most spectacular experiments in physics over the past 100 years. A special person at a special time and place.

A nice blog (Doug Natelson, Rice U).

Referee comments sometimes remind me of this video (need more brillent ones)