My research in theoretical astrophysics falls into a few different categories, which are listed below. Click the links to get to the original papers and their abstracts.

Tidal Disruption Events

Generozov, Mimica, Metzger et al. 2017: The Influence of Circumnuclear Environment on the Radio Emission from TDE Jets"

Leloudas, Fraser, Stone et al. 2016: The Superluminous Transient ASASSN-15lh as a Tidal Disruption Event from a Kerr Black Hole

Stone & van Velzen 2016: An Enhanced Rate of Tidal Disruptions in the Centrally Overdense E+A Galaxy NGC 3156

van Velzen, Anderson, Stone et al. 2016: A Radio Jet From the Optical and X-ray Bright Stellar Tidal Disruption Flare ASASSN-14li

Stone & Metzger 2016: Rates of Stellar Tidal Disruption as Probes of the Supermassive Black Hole Mass Function

Metzger & Stone 2016: A Bright Year for Tidal Disruptions?

Hayasaki, Stone & Loeb 2016: Circularization of Tidally Disrupted Stars Around Spinning Supermassive Black Holes

Stone, Sari & Loeb 2013: Consequences of Strong Compression in Tidal Disruption Events

Hayasaki, Stone & Loeb 2013: Tidal Disruption Flares from Stars on Eccentric Orbits

Stone & Loeb 2012: Observing Lense-Thirring Precession in Tidal Disruption Flares

Stone & Loeb 2012: Tidal Disruption Flares of Stars from Moderately Recoiled Black Holes

Stone & Loeb 2011: Prompt Tidal Disruption of Stars as an Electromagnetic Signature of Supermassive Black Hole Coalescence

Gravitational Waves and Compact Binary Mergers

Bartos, Haiman, Marka et al. 2017: Gravitational Wave Localization Alone Probes AGN Origin of Stellar Mass Black Hole Mergers

Stone, Metzger & Haiman 2017: Assisted Inspirals of Stellar Mass Black Holes Embedded in AGN Discs: Solving the "Final AU Problem"

Stone, Loeb & Berger 2013: Pulsations in Short GRBs from Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers

Dynamics of Dense Stellar Systems

Metzger & Stone 2017: Periodic accretion-powered flares from colliding EMRIs as TDE Imposters

Leigh, Stone, Geller et al. 2016: The Chaotic Four-Body Problem in Newtonian Gravity - I. Identical Point-Particles

Stone, Kuepper, & Ostriker 2016: Formation of Massive Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei: Runaway Tidal Encounters

Leigh, Antonini, Stone et al. 2016: On the Origins of Enigmatic Stellar Populations in Local Group Galactic Nuclei

Stone & Ostriker 2015: A Dynamical Potential-Density Pair for Star Clusters with Nearly Isothermal Interiors

Generozov, Stone & Metzger 2015: Circumnuclear Media of Quiescent Supermassive Black Holes

Exotic Exoplanetary Systems

Metzger, Shen & Stone 2017: Secular Dimming of KIC 8462852 Following its Consumption of a Planet

Stone, Metzger & Loeb 2015: Evaporation and Accretion of Extrasolar Comets Following White Dwarf Kicks