During my time at Columbia, I have had the pleasure of advising and co-advising several superb students, who are listed below.

Aleksey Generozov (2013-present)

Graduate student, Columbia astronomy (co-advised with Brian Metzger). Aleksey and I have worked together on several projects concerning circumnuclear gas in the centers of galaxies, and radio afterglows from tidal disruption events that occur there. More recently we have begun studying the stellar dynamical processes that source tidal disruption events in galactic nuclei.

Margaret Mallernee (2015-present)

Undergraduate, Columbia math. Maggie and I are currently studying stellar orbits around supermassive black hole binaries.

Aaron Kennon (2015-present)

Undergraduate, Columbia physics (co-advised with Brian Metzger). Aaron and I are investigating the role played by general relativity in stellar tidal disruption.