Oxide Interfaces

'Oxide Interfaces' is the name for a remarkable  development in materials science: controlled (on the atomic scale!) synthesis of transition metal oxides with 'strongly correlated' electronic properties including high transition temperature superconductivity, high Curie temperature magnetism, tunable metal-insulator transitions, multiferroicity and more. Study of these new systems will surely teach us much about correlated electron physics, and might possibly give the world new kinds of useful electronic devices.

In March/April 2012 I gave 4 ~2 hour lectures at Ecole Polytechnique covering some of the basics of the field. Each lecture was followed by a seminar.  Here are pdf files for the lectures, and for the first two seminars. The other two will be added when they become available.

                    Transport properties of two-dimensional electron gas
                     at the Mott-Insulator/Band Insulator LaTiO3/SrTiO3 interface

                    From strange insulator to spin-orbit conductor: unveiling
                    orbital selectiveness at the LaAlO3-SrTiO3 interface

                Nickelate quantum wells and Nickelate-Manganite superlattices
                Magnetoresistance and electroresistance in tunnel junctions
                based on transition metal perovskites

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