PHY W3003 Additional Resources

Differential Equations
Here are some notes on basics of differential equations.
This book (note the link takes you off the page) is available on line or for purchase. It presents an elementary discussion of differential equations. The notation and some of the concepts differ from those we use in class.

Phase portraits
Here are some notes  on phase portraits of solutions of differential equations.

Chapter 1 of Ordinary Differential Equations by Jordan and Smith has a nice if compact discussion of phase plots, at a level a bit more advanced than is this course.
Mathematical Background
R. Shankar, Basic Training in Mathematics: A Fitness Program for Science Students,  is a very useful  introduction to a range of mathematical techniques that physics students need to know
Fourier Series
Fourier Analysis by T. W. Korner is a delightful introduction to the mathematical aspects of the  subject--at an ``elementary'' (to a mathematician) level and with many interesting historical asides.
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang. This is (justifiably) the classic reference.
Two-body central force problem
Notes on the two-body central force problem
Normal modes
Notes on the normal modes of an equal mass, equal spring constant triangle.