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Andrew Millis

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Professor of Physics
Columbia University     

Center for Computational Quantum Physics
The Flatiron Institute


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(212) 854-3336

(646) 876 5902

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(212) 854 3379

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Andrew Millis 

Department of Physics
Columbia University

538 W. 120 St.
NY 10027

Andrew Millis

Center for Computational Quantum Physics
The Flatiron Institute
162 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Teaching, Fall 2018: W4023 Statistical Mechanics

Current Research

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics: many-body physics, quantum critical phenomena,
superconductivity, physics and material science of novel materials, nonequilibrium phenomena,
new computational methods, machine learning methods for applied mathematics and many-body physics.

 Curriculum Vitae (pdf)     Publications (pdf)

Recent review papers and talks:

Superconductivity, Past, Present and Future: Sommerfeld Lecture, LMU 2017

Numerical Methods for Correlated Electron Systems: Tallahassee Winter School 2017

Nonequilibrium Physics of Quantum Many-Body Systems:
         4 Lectures at the College de France (2015)

    Lecture 1   Lecture 2   Lecture 3  Lecture 4

Oxide Interfaces: Lectures and Seminars at Ecole Polytechnique Spring 2012

2013 Saas-Fee Winter school: transition metal oxides  Lecture 1 (pdf)   Lecture 2 (pdf)  Lecture 3 (pdf)

Continuous Time Quantum Monte Carlo Methods Rev. Mod. Phys.vol. 83 p. 349 (2011)  (pdf)

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