About SPS

   The Columbia University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students was started on November 18th, 1980. The advisor of the SPS from 1980-2008 was Professor Allan Blaer, and its current advisor (2008-present) is Jeremy Dodd. The SPS was created by students collaborating with the group's former advisor, Allan Blaer.

The SPS team

   The SPS has been maintained by generous donations by the Kornfeld family in May 1998. These donations helped SPS attain its own student lounge. And after this time, SPS began its weekly meeting routine. After the Kornfeld donation, SPS received a donation from the Hughes family. Vernon Hughes was a member of the Columbia physics department, and his son, Emelyn Hughes is currently a member of the Columbia physics department. Because of these generous donations, SPS has been able to bring in numerous speakers from around the country to give talks. Not only that, but SPS has been able to send students to conferences in the past, such as the APS Centennial.

Now, the SPS holds weekly meetings in Pupin 705 at 7:00 PM every Thursday.