(As of November 2013, I'm a post-doc at Brookhaven National Laboratory: http://pubweb.bnl.gov/~dvp/)

(You can call me by my initials, I'm used to it from MIT.)

I was a PhD student in the Physics Department at Columbia University for
5 years and a few months. From 2009 to 2010, I was the Physics Preceptor.
I received my M.A. and M.Phil. in Physics on 18 May 2010 and 8 February 2012,
respectively. I defended my dissertation on 29 October 2013.

My research is in experimental nuclear heavy ion physics. I work at PHENIX
at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
and ATLAS at the Large Hadron Collider (CERN). My advisor is Brian Cole.

I'm MIT class of 2008 with an S.B. in Physics and an S.B. in
Mathematics. My undergraduate advisor was Peter Shor, and my thesis
advisor was Joe Formaggio.

You can also look at my curriculum vitae or a full list of my publications
INSPIRE HEP database.


Heavy ion talks: Key heavy ion papers: Neutrino work from MIT:


	cell phone

	for personal / teaching correspondence
       dvp@bnl.gov / dvp@nevis.columbia.edu
	for PHENIX/RHIC research
        for ATLAS/LHC research

	on skype

       dvp@mit.edu / dvp@lanl.gov
	don't use these anymore

When on campus, I'm usually in my office at 1209 Pupin.

My mailbox at the University:

       Dennis V. Perepelitsa
       538 West 120th Street
       Pupin Hall Box 94
       New York, NY 10027


Fall 2008 (12 points)
Spring 2009 (12 points)
  • PHYS G6047 Quantum Field Theory I
  • PHYS G6038 Quantum Mechanics II
  • PHYS G6011 High Energy Astrophysics
Fall 2009 (12 points)
Spring 2010 (7.5 points)
  • PHYS G8048 Quantum Field Theory II
  • PHYS G8069 Particle Physics I
  • PHYS G6036 Statistical Mechanics
Fall 2010 (3 points)
Spring 2011 (nothing!)
  • COMS W4115 Programming Languages and Translators
Fall 2011 (nothing!)
Spring 2012 (3 points)
  • PHYS G8040 General Relativity
Fall 2012 (nothing!)
Spring 2013 (nothing)


From 2009-2010, I was one of the Physics Preceptors.

Classes I've TA'd:


Shows I have done while in grad school:

 1 Judge Littlefield in Guirgis' ``The Last Days of Judas Iscariot'' 
   Columbia University Players, October '08

 2 Polixenes in Shakespeare's ``The Winter's Tale''
   King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe, December '08

 3 Orpheus in Ruhl's ``Eurydice''
   Columbia University Players, April '09

 4 Cicero in Shakespeare's ``Julius Caesar''
   King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe, May '09

 5 A Player in Shakespeare's ``Hamlet''
   Invisible Company, June '09

 6 Peter in Albee's ``The Zoo Story''
   King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe, November '09

 7 Jerry in Blumsack and Wein's ``Grandma Sylvia's Funeral''
   Columbia University Players, March '10

 8 Thurio in Shakespeare's ``Two Gentlemen of Verona''
   Extant Arts Company, July '10

 9 Banquo in Shakespeare's ``Macbeth''
   King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe, November '10

10 LateNite's Fall 2010 Anthology
   LateNite, December '10

11 LateNite's Spring 2011 Anthology
   LateNite, April '11

12 Jake in ``Brightness'' by Alice Mottola
   Philolexian Society, May '11


My last name is Ukrainian. Here are some places that I have called home:

1986-1993: Moscow, Russia
1993-2004: Monterey, California
2004-2008: Boston, Massachusetts
2007: Los Alamos, New Mexico
2008-present: New York City, New York

I do a lot of other things. You can ask me in person.