Lattice Configurations

(This page and linked pages are currently "under construction".)

As support for the lattice QCD research community, we are making publicly available subsequences of lattice configurations generated in the course of our research.  Typically, during a long calculation we will archive to disk a series of statistically independent lattice configurations generated as the Monte Carlo path integral is performed.  Such a subset of our Markov chain of statistical integration points can be re-used to perform further quantum averages which evaluate a variety of physical quantities.  Past configurations are now available for web download from the Gauge Connection site at NERSC.

In addition to configurations created by past Columbia computers and our present QCDSP machines, this site will also contain lattice configurations provided by other research groups.  Since the sequences of larger, dynamical fermion lattice configurations can easily represent ~100Teraflops hours of computing, these are valuable assets which may play an important role in further research projects.

All of the lattice configurations on this site are stored in a common format.  While a list of available lattice configurations and their characteristics are available from the Gauge Connection site, we also provide a list of lattice configurations that we have made or expect to make available in the near future.  Each element in the list is linked to a more complete description of the conditions under which the configuration has been/will be generated.  The information given in these descriptions follows a common set of conventions.