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Please refer to my Linkedin Profile for my latest professional activities. From 2011 to 2013, I was a post-doctoral scientist in the Physics department of Columbia University in the City of New York. My work was multidisciplinary in nature, involving material science, numerical analysis, and theoretical physics. I studied the nature of low-temperature quantum materials using various theoretical approaches and numerical methods.

After my Ph.D. work on cuprate structures, I am now focusing on transition-metal oxides near the negative charge transfer regime. Modeling of the exotic phases of these materials, such as the RNiO3, presents great theoretical challenge due to strong p-d hybridization in addition to strong d-d correlation.

Further contact information is listed in the departmental directory.

Some of my code can be found at Github.

==Geek Arts from my Research Data==

Low-spin (a) and high-spin (b) polaron propagating in an antiferromagnet.

An octapartite approach to a quantum antiferromagnet

Estimated band-crossings due to hole-phonon interaction

Simulation of snow ablation

Addatom simulation of GaAs growth
(nanoscale layer-by-layer fabrication)
Top view of a substrate with 1-degree off-cut


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